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it’s one of my most famous recipe ever!

It actually have a huge range of variety, but the most basic ingredients are cooked rice, eggs, green peas, and green onions.

Prep: beat the eggs, I usually put 2-3 eggs, i like eggs. beaten it, add a tiny bit of salt, and defrost the peas and corn, if you want to add whatever ingredients then prepare them now. Like for myself, I want to add mushrooms, and onions, carrots, ham, shrimp, and chicken, I wash the vegetables and slice them into tiny slices(mushroom), for carrots and onions I mince them;for shrimp I defrost them and cook them until they are white, and I slice the chicken into little pieces then soak them into soy sauce for a bit. and cook it until its white. After all of them are done, then I head the wok(or pot) up pour a little bit oil down, head the oil up, pour the egg mixture into the wok, cook it until they are solid, and put green pea, minced carrots, onions and mushrooms, corn, pine nuts,cook until soft and heated up thoroughly,  and then chicken and shrimp. Finally put in the rice, make sure it’s separated and the whole thing smells amazingly, put in minced green onion. salt and MSG/Chicken bouillon( i usually use chicken bouillon), serve.

Before serve, drizzle some sesame oil onto the rice, stir. Bon appetit!


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